Planning maps

A quick and easy way to obtain location maps and site maps needed for your planning application.

Planning maps are an essential tool for architects and planners as they provide a visual representation of the area being planned, allowing for a better understanding of the environment and the potential impact of proposed developments. Planning maps are used to identify existing land uses, zoning regulations, infrastructure, and other important features that need to be taken into account when making decisions about a project.

By using planning maps, architects and planners can ensure that their projects are in compliance with local regulations and that they are taking into account all relevant factors when making decisions about a project.

All Planning applications must have a location plan and a site plan.

Location Plan

A location plan should be A4 in size, with a north indicator and a red border around the property boundary to clearly identify the site to the planning authority. Any land owned by the applicant should be indicated with a blue border. Access to the site should also be included in the plan.

Site Plan

A site plan or block plan is a drawing of a proposed development which should include any alterations such as hard surfaces, driveways, walls and fences. To best aid your application, two plans should be provided; one showing the current site and one showing the proposed development. The plan should be on A4 size, but larger developments may require a larger size and should include a north indicator.

If you require a location plan or site plan as part of your Planning or Building Control application, you can purchase this online.

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