Garage 13 With Double Doors, Store/Accomodation

Double garage
Length : 6575m
Width : 6075m
Doors : Main 2
Total cost : £ 59.00

Double Detached
6075mm x 6575mm (max)

6075mm x 4050mm (max)

Garage floor area: 374sqft (34.7sqm)
Workshop/Store/Accommodation floor area: 247sqft (22.9sqm)
Workshop/Store/Accommodation: 1
This architectural designed Garage with Workshop/Store/Accommodation is a very practical choice, as it provides extra needed space. Size can be modified.

Pre- planning

Planning approval

Building regs approval

With all our designers using the latest 3d model software, we have the advantage of being able to easily provide modifications required to suit you and your surroundings, we will include any minor modification within our planning packages.

Purchase : Pre-planning, planning approval and Building regs- total cost £95.00